How to Buy Good Quality Furniture...

Good Quality Furniture requires a Good Quality Hardwood Frame!

If you are intending to buy a good quality piece of furniture such as a  sofa or armchair that you want to use for more than a few years or might want re-covering in future, then it is crucial to ask that all important question "How is the frame made?" . Today much of the upholstery sold in Britain is imported from Far Eastern and Eastern European factories and a lot of this is cheaply made using chipboard and softwood and is held together by staples. I have even seen cardboard used as part of the main construction and this was a high street name, with a price tag to match! 

A good quality sofa or chair should have   :

  • a solid hardwood, (ideally beech), frame

  • screwed, glued and dowelled joints

  •  legs that are an integral part of the frame, not screw in

A good frame is crucial to the longevity of an item tested by the rigours of everyday life and needs to of sufficient strength to be re-upholstered or re-covered in future. Hence why upholsterers are still in great demand to reupholster Victorian chairs or old chairs from names such as Parker Knoll, where no expense is spared on the quality of their frame construction. Most British Framemakers who make furniture today  using the above methods will offer a mininum of a 10 year guarantee on the frame, as do I.

So ask the question ...

Our framemakers make beautiful chair, sofa and stool frames using solid beech, which are screwed, glued and dowelled with legs integral to the frame. 

Welcome to The Bespoke Chair Company's First Post!

! am very excited to launch our blog coupled with the recent arrival  of The Bespoke Chair Company's Facebook page where I will be imminently offering some good promotions.  Here, within this blog, I intend to share hints and tips on buying good quality upholstered furniture as well as publishing mini tutorials on upholstery  for those with an interest in creating or restoring their own furniture! Lots of other posts to follow too such as how to age your antique chairs as well as thoughts on the environmental impact of what is actually in our upholstered furniture......