The Bespoke Chair Company uses natural and organic paddings such as wool, coir or hair, cotton flock, jute and hemp  in all commissions. Polyurethane foam is avoided wherever possible due to the fact that not only  is it made from petroleum so is artificial and unsustainable but also is treated with powerful chemical flame retardants. 

Frames are all made with wood certified by the FSC from farmed European sources. 

Wool, Cotton Flock, Cocolok, Skin Wadding, Mixed Horse and Animal Hair

Wool, Cotton Flock, Cocolok, Skin Wadding, Mixed Horse and Animal Hair

By using natural fibres and low environmental impact materials to upholster durable solid frames from renewable sources, The Bespoke Chair Company seeks to create "antiques" of the future that can be transformed through re-upholstery time and time again, whilst producing limited, and recyclable organic waste.

While leather appears to be an organic product, there are many environmental problems associated with its production, including the toxic chemicals used in dyes, which are released in the form of effluent from the tanneries. The Bespoke Chair Company does not use leather for this reason.

In order for furniture to pass the Furniture and Furnishings Fire Regulations 1988, a barrier cloth must be used under all non compliant fabric. Although fabrics can be "fire-retarded", barrier cloths remove the need for fabrics to be chemically treated.  The Bespoke Chair Company uses a wool barrier cloth charged at the competitive rate of £9 per metre.