Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.
— Frank Lloyd Wright









All commissioned pieces are made to measure with a solid beech  frame by specialist professional frame-makers.  A kiln-dried hardwood frame is essential in ensuring durability of furniture.  Frames are screwed and dowelled and blocked where required. Frames are guaranteed for 15 years.


We use English twill Webbing of black and white webbign made of cotton and jute. This is exceptionally strong and is perfect for use coil sprung seats. This webbing was first used in and is still regarded as the best 


All chairs and chaise longues seats are hand-sprung using double cone coil springs of heavyweight gauge (unless requested otherwise by the client).  . Stools are usually webbed with English twill webbing, though springs may be used, again if requested

We use the traditional method of hand-tying in springs 8 way because this provides the highest level of comfort and durability. This type of springing is indicative of a quality piece of furniture as, although time-consuming, allows for movement in manydifferent directions with a very even feel. and retains its shape. Such a method of springing dates back to Victorian times and is still regarded as the best and most resilient method of seat springing. and is only found in the best chairsand still thebest method has stood the text of time.

Backs of all chairs are sprung with sinuous springs, also known as zig zag springs. These are sewn in onto webbing and hessian covers.