Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.
— Frank Lloyd Wright
Beech is the product most sought after. The classic European beech is used worldwide in furniture. This is because it is excellent wood. It is enduring, beautiful and easy to work with.
— Danish Hardwoods
Tieing in coil springs 8 way dates back to Victorian times and is still regarded as the best and most resilient method of springing, because it allows for multi-directional movement and even weight distribution. This can only be done by hand and is an indication of the quality of the piece.
We prefer the opulence and integrity of natural materials over synthetic foam and polyester as they give a beautiful textured feel, are far more durable, are sustainable and inherently fire retardant. Moreover the subtleties of form and line depend on the craftsman being able to manipulate the depth and density of the stuffings, which is not achievable with foam.
Staining and button polishing has several advantages over lacquering, notably the inherent wood grain is visible and chipping is avoided
— Richard Ranklin, AMU
  • Solid beech hardwood frames, farmed from sustainable European sources and FSC certified, provide the foundation for all  commissioned pieces. Frames are made by skilled British specialist framemakers and are guaranteed for 10 years.

  • Every sprung seat is webbed with English twill black and white webbing. Made of flax, this is the highest grade

  • All seating and some backs are hand-sprung with  double cone coil springs tied in 8 way.




  • Traditional and natural materials - curled mixed hair, jute hessian, woollen felt, cotton linterfelt, fibre/hair pads, feather/down - are standard in all commissions.

  • There is a choice of leg carvings and legs are stained to colour specification and finished with a French polish and wax -  spray lacquer is not used

  • Invisible handstitching  (slipstitch) is used to  attach backs and sides - Plygrip is never used

  • Cushions are feather or feather/down mix within a calico case with optional core. Chairs and chaise longues are finished in calico prior to top cover

  • Black cotton bottoming cloth is standard on all pieces secured with traditional fine tacks.

  • Decorative nails are  hammered in individually and there are a variety of different styles to choose from